Friday, August 5, 2011

Here I am again, perfect timing...

Holy heatwave, batman! I have to admit that I've found it quite difficult to dress in the heat we've been experiencing the past few weeks. Honestly, I think we should all get to stay home and sit around in our skivvies (if we're not at the beach) in this weather!

... You might say I don't function very well in this stifling, airless heat. I've mostly been living in a uniform of shorts and tanks (Target. Target. Target. So comfy). Choosing which wedges and vintage scarf to wear are really the only thoughts I've been putting into my daily outfits recently. But! It seems perhaps the heat has broken a wee bit. The past couple days have been around eighty degrees and glorious.

I do apologize for such an extended absence. Now that I've got most of my school stuff figured out and my job isn't at risk (for now) I hope to get back to posting on a more regular basis.

Anyway! This is a dress I've had all summer but never photographed. And some pretty flowers just because.

(ModCloth Begonia Bloom Dress and Market Run Wedge)


Rose of Sharon
Any Spinal Tap fans out there? "Who's in here? No one. And in here there's a little guy, look!"

Sweat mess take two.
This one says, "Hi, I'm a sweaty mess!"

Title from "Perfect Timing" by the Drive-By Truckers.