Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows' Eve

Happy Halloween, doves!!

I'm bummed about not being able to have a party this year. I just wasn't prepared in the slightest. It's on next year, though! I'm actually starting to think of a good costume already.

So, this is what I wore to work today. Festive, yes? This is the same bow print shirt from this post.

(UO cardigan, Ruche shirt, J Crew skirt, ModCloth tights & shoes)

Tomorrow we're heading up to Boston for the Red Sox parade (boyfriend is a diehard Boston sports fan). So, I'll be back on Sunday. Hope you're having a splendid Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I solemnly swear I am up to no good...

This is what I wore to work yesterday. I thought it would be quite fitting for Halloween week (I'll have another Halloween inspired outfit tomorrow... Perhaps a costume as well if I have time to get photos)! I used to have a pair of perfectly pumpkin hued heels, but they're long gone (I wore them to the point of no return). I think the black works fine, though. And it keeps me from looking too much like an orange creamsicle!

Today was misty and drizzly when I got out of work. I tried so hard to get home to take some neat photos, but it was dark out before I knew it.

(Target skirt (old!), Forever 21 blouse, ModCloth cardigan/heels/socks)

Note to self: Skirts get really wrinkled when you sit all day. Bah!

Also, I love this blouse but have a bad habit of only wearing it with this skirt. It's super delicate looking and also quite sheer.

Happy Mischief Night (I just couldn't resist a good Harry Potter reference for a title today)! May your houses and cars remain unscathed throughout the night!

PS Well, now I feel silly! Apparently, those of us from Jersey are likely the only ones who call it Mischief Night. Whoops!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Cinnamon Girl...

These photos are from last Friday. This is what I wore to work and then dinner with friends. I almost didn't post this outfit because I don't totally love it. I like the idea of it, but this dress has always been a bit weird to wear. I hadn't picked out anything for the day, so I just threw this on in the morning. But I don't hate it. So, why not?

(Vintage cardigan, ModCloth dress (old) and heels, Sock Dreams socks) 

When I went through these photos, the Neil Young song just leapt into my head. And then I decided to make this the beginning of a bit of a series featuring this colour since apparently I wear it quite often (hadn't realized it until recently).

Today I went on a long bike ride through a local state park. Photos from that to come soon. Hope you had a great weekend!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Who loves the sun...

 (UO Cardigan, ModCloth t-shirt, vintage skirt, Target tights, same shoes)

This is a very simple, lazy day sort of outfit. I initially had on a much thinner, light green cardigan. It might have been a nice sunny day, but, man, it's cold out! So, I switched to this ridiculously cozy oversized sweater instead. Also, right after these photos I chopped about three inches off my hair (on top of another three I chopped off yesterday). It needed it! And it's still ridiculously long. It seems like the second I trim it, it instantly grows back.
I chose this title mostly because today we lost the legendary Lou Reed. I grew up listening to The Velvet Underground, and Loaded is hands down one of my favourite albums of all time (Has anyone heard Cat Power's cover of "I Found a Reason?" Ugh. Such an unexpected but great cover. Just one example of their widespread influence). "Rock and Roll" has been a personal anthem for me for a long time. Without rock and roll, without Lou Reed, I wouldn't be, well, me. Rest in peace, Mr. Reed.

Took a little break for a couple days, so I'll be catching up on my reading and comments! I've been taking photos almost every day, so since I've got a little bit of a backlog, I'll be posting those intermittently with new outfits.

Title from song of same name by The Velvet Undeground.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The quiet things that no one ever knows...

I graduated years (and years) ago, but there are still, and I suspect always will be, certain things I miss about college. Tonight I was reminded of those things. When I left work, it was cold, breezy, and a little bit overcast. It made me miss being able to walk everywhere. Did I complain about having to walk across campus on crazy windy days complete with freezing rain? Absolutely. But I loved it. And I loved it most on evenings like tonight. Bundling up, walking to class or the student center or work, headphones on (many times listening the song after which I titled this post), feeling very much alive.
I talk a lot about the weather here, but there is a reason for it. I love being outside. My surroundings affect me just as much as the people in my life do. I think, honestly, they might affect my mood even more than people do. The three weeks I had off were kind of glorious because I was outside all day, almost every day. Now that I'm back in an underground office with no windows and horrible ventilation, I miss the fresh air and the quiet, still afternoons. (I also spent even more time alone than I usually do, and I didn't entirely mind it. I've always spent a lot of time alone. Not being in an office everyday was refreshing in that way as well.)

The funny thing is that I actually do enjoy driving! But I'd be so happy doing it a lot less. One day, I hope to find a pretty town where I can walk mostly everywhere I need to go. The thought of someday being able to walk to and from work again makes me giddy! I wouldn't even complain in the nasty weather! Not once. I promise.

(Tulle coat, TJ Maxx top, H&M skirt, Forever21 belt and tights, same shoes I always wear)

I felt sort of overwhelmed by all of that, and writing always helps. I have been in love with writing and language and words in general for a very long time (majored in it actually ... Yep, who does that?!). I'm admittedly more guarded here than I would be just writing for myself, but sometimes I need to really let things out. I'm an extremely internal person, so I have to get out of my head occasionally! Which means every now and then you'll get one of these rambling posts! Woo!

Anyway, this is what I wore today. A paisley skirt one of my best friends got for me a few years ago (also seen way back in this post). The paisleys are made up of tiny flowers. This top is what my aunt would call a "Jenny shirt." It's just the sort of thing I can spot in a random TJ Maxx rack from across the store.  I love the colour, and I've been struggling to find the right word for it... Paprika? Some kind of spice, anyway. Also, it's been in the fifties here the past couple of days (yeh!), so we're a little past the jacket temps but not quite at the point where a winter coat is necessary. This Tulle coat does quite nicely as it's thinner than a winter coat, and the length is nice for wind protection.

All right, that's enough out of me for now!

Title from song of same name by Brand New.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And it rose like thunder, clapped under our hands...

These photos are actually from this past Saturday. This is what wore to lounge around, watch Bruce Springsteen videos, and then go to a friend's house for dinner and pumpkin carving. I didn't take a whole lot of photos because it was freezing (okay, okay, it felt freezing) and drizzling. One of those days where you just can't escape the dampness and the cold. Quite fitting to post this today as it's another one of those days. Almost wintery, actually... Not quite ready for that yet, though!

(Unknown cardigan, ModCloth dress from this post and heels, Sock Dreams socks)

Usually I just throw this dress on to get through unbearably hot summer days.  But all of the different colours and shades in the pattern actually make it quite versatile! Plus, the fabric is thicker than it looks. And have I expressed how much I love Sock Dreams socks yet??? They're absolutely the best and not too expensive! I love every pair I've bought from them (... which is quite a few at this point).

Also, the language nerd in me has to admit how pleased I am with choosing this title (rainy day playlist for the win!). It might be my favourite title + post match up ever... Okay, I'm done now!

Title from "The Calendar Hung Itself" by Bright Eyes.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ghosts of Halloweens past...

I think last week I mentioned I might do a collective past Halloween costumes post. Apologies as some of these are pretty terrible (read: phone) photos. Also, there are a few costumes missing because I regrettably have no decent documentation of them. All right, here we go!

For this fox costume (...2007?) I used the dress thing (?) from a teddy bear costume plus a tail (I wish I had taken a photo!) and ears from an awesome seller on etsy. I called myself Fox Force One... because I'm a huge nerd.

Little Red Riding Hood. I bought the dress from Ruche (I think), and it was perfect. The hooded cape is from etsy. And the shoes are old ModCloth. I love these photos. They turned out exactly as I'd planned... That never happens!

Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas (Boyfriend was Indiana Jones). I love my Sally. This dress was such an amazing find. I drew my stitches on with liquid eyeliner, and they stayed put all night. I kept the dress (vintage from etsy) because I fully intend to do this again!


Uhm. So... Last year I was going to be Strawberry Shortcake but at the last minute I decided I hated what I'd put together (I kept everything, so I might give it another go this year). I remembered I had these shorts I got in one of ModCloth's Stylish Surprises... So, I had my best friends super curl my hair (... I don't know how to do these things) and decided I was Geena Davis (in my dreams!!) from A League of Their Own (love that movie)/a sailor girl of some sort?

There's my Halloween recap! I love putting together my costumes more than anything else about it. It's such a fun, creative project even if it doesn't quite work out as intended. And once I get an idea in my head, there's no stopping me! What are your favourite costumes you've done? Any plans for this year?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fox in socks.

A little Dr. Seuss anyone? I just couldn't resist.

(ModCloth sweater, heels, and socks, Target skirt, Ruche collared shirt)

I've been chilled to the bone the past couple of days. So, today I decided to keep cozy while getting brunch and running errands. I love this fox sweater! And I've been trying to think of different ways to wear it, so I threw this cute little bow printed shirt underneath.

On a more somber note, today marks ten years since the world lost Elliott Smith. I remember exactly where I was, how I found out, and how I felt. Walking around campus on quiet, grey days listening to XO and Either/Or over and over and over was something I did quite often back then. I put him on every mix cd I made, and nowadays he's still on my playlists. His beautiful voice and haunting words were and are a huge comfort, an old friend I will always have with me. I could go on and on, but I just hope in some way he knew that so many of us weird, lonely kids didn't just appreciate his music, we needed it (and still do).

All right, I just had to get that off my chest. I'm officially back to my regular work week tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birds on a wire...

Well, I head back to work tomorrow... Woo? I'm relieved (You know, the whole country not going into default/chaos thing is good... And a paycheck would be cool)... But man, I've had a nice, relaxing three weeks! Ah well.

I didn't go out to shoot these until around 4:30 this evening... When I started, the light was perfect for the first time since I started taking photos here!

(Target top, Forever 21 skirt, belt from a ModCloth dress, Modcloth socks and shoes)


And then probably ten to fifteen minutes later? It was gone. Getting dark so early is the one thing I dislike about this season!

 Every time I've worn this skirt, I wind up going in a bit of a kitschy direction. Usually I add a red scarf, but I totally forgot. I also forgot to get a good close up of the skirt print. Geesh. I guess I'm a little preoccupied! And yep, I got all dressed up to do absolutely nothing on my last day of freedom. And it was pretty great.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brick and lace.

(Target cardigan & skirt (both old), ModCloth socks, lace blouse from a shop in VT, Adrienne Vittadini heels)

So, this is a go to outfit for me. With a little tweaking, it can pretty much be worn anywhere at anytime. I do change the tops and socks/tights out, but I generally always go with the yellow sweater. I love the brick red and yellow together! (Also, I must push the sleeves up a lot on my cardigans. They're always wrinkled up no matter what I do. Ah well.)

This blouse is from a trip to VT a couple years ago. It's super versatile, and it's definitely a nice alternative to a t-shirt!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Balloons and stripes.

Guys, I think I have a t-shirt problem. This is getting sort of ridiculous! The only thing I can say for myself today is at least this is an old one? I wore it way back in 2011 in this post (and yes, it's still baby pink. I couldn't quite catch the colour in the light). For whatever reason, hot air balloons just scream stripes to me!

I guess I just want to be comfortable but still dress up/stay motivated (also known as trying not to turn into a total bum) while I'm out of work? Yeh, that sounds right. Ah yes, the Great T-Shirt Defense Act of 2013.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw on something simple this morning, and I kept thinking black and white. But I can never resist throwing in a little colour, so I added the pink tee (okay, plus the t-shirt I wanted to wear was in the wash).

(UO cardigan, ModCloth tee (old), socks, and heels (old), Target skirt)

I got lucky with my light this afternoon! It was a lovely day to have my coffee on the back porch. It's going to be a rude wake up call when I have to go back to work. Impending cabin fever aside, I really have been enjoying these quiet days to myself.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin & polka dots.

(ModCloth cardigan & shoes, Society 6 t-shirt, unknown skirt, F21 belt & tights)

Not much to report here! All is still quiet on the work front. Today was pretty lazy. I went to brunch, got coffee, and did some laundry. If I don't go back to work soon, I think cabin fever is going to set in shortly. Which is one reason I'm going to start working on feature ideas (and likely start looking for a new job). Time to put a to do list together, that's for sure!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumnal vows.

Just a quick post today! This is what I wore to a wedding (fourth and final of the year!) yesterday.

(All ModCloth except for Target tights)

 I snagged this BB Dakota dress on sale from ModCloth over the summer (fifteen bucks!), and everything else I already had. I figured the colours would be nice for an autumn wedding, but I could still pretty much wear it whenever. The idea of only wearing something once is hard for me to comprehend, so I try to pick pieces I can dress up or down.

I want to start thinking of features to do to mix things up a bit. Feel free to leave me a comment if there's something you'd like to see here!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend! Anyone else super excited for The Walking Dead tonight?!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Little Red.

I ran out in sort of a lull in the rain to take these shots. By "sort of a lull," I mean it was only coming down slightly less heavily. And the wind was crazy! Please excuse the water spots and blurry foliage in these photos! I look like a drowned rat in the rest of the photos from today, so I'm just glad I got a few decent ones.

(ModCloth jacket, Threadless t-shirt, thrifted skirt, Target tights, vintage boots)

 I wore this to run errands today. These are my absolute favourite boots (birthday present from the boyfriend some time ago), and I need to have their soles fixed before I completely ruin them. I wish I could recall where I got this skirt! I think it's a nice nod to my punk days... which I just can't seem to shake, and I don't plan to!