Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer's here and the time is right...

Happy first day of summer, doves! (And if it's not summer where you are... Happy Tuesday!)

I hope every one is enjoying the official start of summer! Go outside! Have an iced coffee or a lemonade or a beer! Go swimming! Climb a tree! Frolic! And if it's raining go play in the rain!

(ModCloth T-shirt, Forever21 Shorts)

Shorts, t-shirt, messy ponytail, and bare feet. Hello, summer!

Please excuse the bug bite and my wonky double-jointed arm! These things happen.

Can I say summer one more time in this post? Summer!

Okay, now I'm switching gears for a second...

The title of this post is from "Racing in the Streets" by Bruce Springsteen. I'm a Jersey girl. I love my Bruce and I love my E-Street Band. And neither would be complete without the legendary talent and energy of Clarence Clemons. I had just finished watching fireworks down at the lake on Saturday evening when I learned of his passing. It's always strange when a musical legend passes... In my head they're all still kids. I wasn't there to see it all happen so when I watch the documentaries and listen to the albums, there they are, forever young. That's how I saw him in life and that's how I'm going to remember him. Rest in peace, Big Man.

I'm going to go have a drink to celebrate summer and life and music. Cheers!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I ain't comin' down. No, never, I'm not!

Hi! Apologies for such light posting lately. Life has been (more than) a wee bit hectic!

After catching Amanda Shires's shows in Philly and New York (Wonderful! Go listen to her!) I spent the first weekend of June in Vermont. It's been five years since I was there last! I love it up there. I don't know if I could handle the winters but it really is gorgeous. The whole drive home I had Loretta Lynn's "High on a Mountain Top" playing in my head.

What else? Last weekend my boyfriend completed his first triathlon! He did a fantastic job, and I'm super proud of him. I spent the weekend a bit sick and with no voice so that's pretty much it. I've been trying to get school stuff straightened out. I'll be putting a portfolio together this weekend and hopefully signing up for classes soon. After some thought I think I've decided to go for my MFA in web design. Quite exciting and overwhelming!

(Forever21 top & belt, thrifted skirt)

I love this outfit. It's perfect for hot, humid days. The top is very light and cool. I'm probably going to wind up wearing it quite often this summer.

(CL by Laundry wedges from DSW)

I hope you're all having a great week so far!

Title from "High on a Mountain Top" by Loretta Lynn.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hi! I know I've been a terrible blogger of late but I've been so busy! In the past week I've been to Philly, New York, and Vermont. I was also accepted into art school! So I'm slowly getting all of that situated.

I'm home now, though, and I'll be back with a real post later todaysoon.

Photo by my dear cousin, Sarah Grace.