Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sunshine & bicycles.

Hi, doves! 

Today I'm going to tell you a little story about the perfect dress and regret. You know how they say you can't miss what you never had? That is rubbish! Last year I found an amazing green, bicycle print vintage dress on etsy. And It was reasonably priced! For whatever reason, I talked myself out of it, and I have regretted that decision ever since! I even find myself looking for it now and then, hoping it (or something like it) will come back around someday. 

So, I snagged this dress during one of ModCloth's holiday sales, but I knew I wouldn't wear it as is. See, the top was a wrap top, and I have this thing about wrap dresses. I have always thought they make me look oddly thin. They're just not flattering on me. So, I either wear pullover sweaters over them or avoid them altogether. But! I was not passing up the bicycle print again! And so, this is what I came up with. 

(Target cardigan, TJ Maxx top, ModCloth dress turned skirt & socks, vintage belt, same old shoes)
I wore this outfit on Sunday. It was nice and sunny and not too cold... And now we're gearing up for a big snowstorm! Oh, fickle Jersey winter. 

Hope you're having a great week!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Aha, I was wrong! I found some photos from late December I'd completely forgotten about.

This is one of those tops that is an awkward length on me, so I either wear it with shorts or attempt to turn it into a dress. I think I was going out for lunch and shopping this day (likely just before Christmas, I'd say?), so I just threw a plain black skirt underneath. 

(UO cardigan, Ruche top (old), Target skirt & tights, vintage boots)

Thanks so much to everyone for the well wishes! I'm happy to report that I seem to be nearly back to "normal" (... Normal is a relative term, obviously ;). I still don't know what exactly caused it, and I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't happen again! This has been a rather frustrating start to the year, so I'll be happy to move forward and put it behind me (hopefully after just one more doctor appointment).

Have a great weekend! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Teal & Grey.

Hi, doves! I know I disappeared again. My allergy issue came back! Oof. So I've been to a few doctors trying to get it sorted. I think I'm on my way to feeling like myself again... Hopefully!

This is what I wore to another doctor's appointment today. Another t-shirt, another collar, I know! I kind of love this uniform though.And this is my first post almost completely sans makeup (as a result of this whole fiasco, I've been wary of putting pretty much any makeup or product on my face other than super gentle moisturizer). I don't wear much anyway, but I do wear at least mascara and eyeliner every day (I have red eyelashes. Yep). So, this will take some getting used to.

(Threadless tee (seen better here since I forgot to take a closeup), ModCloth collared top underneath, TJ Maxx skirt (old), Target tights, same damn shoes)

Well, I'm hoping to be back to regular posting now (fingers crossed!). Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Monday, January 6, 2014

December endings, and since you sent me things...

Hi, doves! Well, this is the last outfit from December, so I'm starting to catch up. This is what I wore two Saturdays ago. It sort of made me feel like a living doll. Oh, and yes, I am wearing tights! They're a very pale pink and wound up basically matching my winter skin tone. Ha! Okay, fine, my year round skin tone.

(UO cardigan, ModCloth tee, collared Ruche top underneath, Target skirt & tights, Adrienne Vittadini shoes)

This is a far cry from the weather we've had so far in 2014! Just today it's rained, snowed, sleeted, and now the sun is out. I ran out when I saw the sun to get some photos, and now I'm back inside relaxing with some tea and tunes. A mellow Monday for me! No complaints here. Hope you had a great weekend!

Title from "Further North" by Jets to Brazil.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Yikes, I didn't intend such an extended absence! The holidays plus an allergy issue have kept me pretty busy. Turns out I was allergic to our Christmas tree! After ditching the tree and cleaning the house (and the cats!), I'm starting to look and feel a bit more normal.

So, I meant to post these... Oh, on Monday? And they're actually from last Friday.

(Knitted Dove sweater, unknown skirt, Target tights, ModCloth boots)

Did everyone have a good New Year's? Mine was super low key and a lot of fun. We hung out with friends and played Cards Against Humanity (so ridiculous!). I hope yours was lovely!