Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gold & green.

(ModCloth skirt & top (old) and socks, UO cardigan, Ruche boots (present from the boyfriend))

I had been planning on wearing heels, but I put these on the second I opened the box. Super comfy and warm. Much more practical, I'd say!

(I keep getting outtakes like this where I'm fixing my hair, and I don't hate them.)

 (The daisies are actually made of sequins... Probably the only sequined piece of clothing I own!)

Just a quick post today (I'll be running off to the allergist's shortly for my shots followed by a quiet night of catching up on blog reading). I ran out and took these yesterday before spending a very mellow Christmas at my parents' house with family and friends. Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Eternal (Springtime) of the Spotless Mind...

The winters of the past few years have felt like a never ending spring... Don't get me wrong. I love spring! I love all the seasons. But I prefer each in its own time. This weekend it was seventy degrees. Saturday (the day I took these photos) was sunny and breezy, and Sunday was rainy and still. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. My entire childhood, teenagerdom, and college years (read: most of my life) were composed of wonderfully cold, snowy winters. Days were spent lounging in drifts deeper than I was tall, building snow forts and Calvin & Hobbes inspired snowmen, having snowball fights, and generally exploring in the quiet, untouched snow of the surrounding woods. Sure, we'd have a warm one here and there... But the past three years or so, it's just been this strange back and forth between March and April... for five months straight. 

And so on Saturday, faced with the dilemma of wanting to dress for the holidays without sweating to death, I stood in front of my closet at a complete loss. Ultimately, though, I did just that. But let me tell you, it took some time to wrap my brain around this concept. I'm pretty happy with these photos. They came out sun-spotted and a bit dreamy... You know, a bit like spring.

(F21 top (old), ModCloth skirt & socks, Chelsea Crew shoes)

Regarding my title, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favourite movies. I've only watched it once, and it took ages for me to get past it. It's quite likely I'll never watch it again. I found it to be completely devastating in a very quiet, unsettling way. Kind of like hoping for a beautifully harsh winter year after year only to inevitably be confronted with a seemingly endless and nearly colourless simulation of spring instead.

But it has only just started, so I'll keep hoping for a real winter as I do every year. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hoo, boy!

My owl collection began taking over my home many years ago, but now it seems to be taking over my closet a bit as well! I really can't complain that they've become such a big trend. There used to be a thrill in the hunt to find a cute little owl (or fox) nicknack, but now there are so many adorable owls everywhere... And I kind of want them all! But no, really, I'm not even sure how the obsession began. I think it just started with collecting little vintage nicknacks, and eventually I narrowed it down to mostly owls (with a few foxes here and there). And scarves. Damn. Ok, I guess I have just a few collections.

(Tulle dress (from HauteLook) and cardigan (old), Sock Dreams tights, ModCloth heels)

Did everyone have a good week?? I've increased my tea intake to massive amounts in an effort to help my sinuses out. I love tea, and part of me thinks it can aid nearly any ailment (just as The Kinks song goes). It does seem to be helping! I've felt better in the past few days than I have in a while. 

I'm going to spend my weekend getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Have a good weekend, doves!

PS I always said if I ever had an owl, his name would be Hoo, boy! I'm terrible. This I know.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Copper & teal...

Hi, dears! I hope you all had a great weekend! I've had a very mellow few days. The boyfriend was out of town, so I used that and the bad weather as an excuse to read, clean, do some Christmas shopping, and just relax. It was actually pretty great!

These photos are from yesterday, and luckily, the sun came out after this first shot. It was cold but still a very welcome day after the freezing rain we had all day and night Saturday!

I've been trying to get decent shots of this outfit for a while now, so I was thrilled that the weather finally decided to cooperate with me. I love the copper and teal together! And I think the grey is the perfect neutral to pair them with. It seems to fade out and allow the other colours to be the focus.

 (Vintage cardigan, TJ Maxx top (old), Ruche shorts (old), Target tights, ModCloth heels (old), vintage belt stolen from my mum)


After such a quiet weekend, I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow. But I only have six more work days before my little holiday break!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spring ahead or fall behind...

... Winter dreams the same dream everytime.

Well, Sunday was an awesome snow day! When I first went outside, it looked like this and quickly got much heavier...

(Nick & Mo coat from ModCloth (last year), asos sweater, old ModCloth dress, ModCloth tights and socks, Very Volatile boots from Amazon)

It was frigid! So I was in and out a few times throughout the day. When I took the following photos, it was actually sleeting... which was much easier to shoot in!

Of course, it rained Monday. This is Jersey, after all. Then we had another storm on Tuesday, but it was much weaker. Lame! Now things are mostly just slushy and icy. I'm hoping this is a sign we're going to have a real winter, though!

Title from "You Can Never Hold Back Spring" by Tom Waits.

Monday, December 9, 2013

On the mend...

Hi, dears! I'm happy to report I'm feeling much better!

(ModCloth owl sweater, Jack by BB Dakota collared top, Target shorts & tights, same damn shoes)

I snagged this adorable sweater during ModCloth's Black Friday sale, and I love it. I've already planned out several other ways to wear it now that the weather is finally wintery. I also love the collared top I layered underneath. The top itself is a lovely burgundy colour, so I'll have to wear it on its own sometime soon.

These photos are from this past Saturday. The swelling in my sinuses had gone down considerably overnight, so I felt okay to take photos again. I bummed around and rested up most of the day. Then we went to dinner with some friends and stopped by another friend's birthday party. This medication and the lack of sleep have been knocking me out, though, so we only stayed an hour or so. But today I think I'm finally starting to get my energy back and generally feel more like myself. Hurrah!

These photos are so blah to me now that all of my pretty leaves are gone. Ah, well. The snow storm we had this weekend definitely confirmed that fall is on its way out. And as long as we get more snow, that's fine by me!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The last leaves of autumn...

Hi, doves! I feel I've been a bit distant lately because I've been feeling worse than I was last week. I went to my allergist yesterday, and she gave me a different antibiotic. I took one last night, went to bed early, slept in late, and woke up feeling almost human! So, hopefully I'm on my way back to normal.

Anywho, these photos are actually from almost two weeks ago now. My poor shrubbery is now completely devoid of leaves!

(Tulle sweater, TJ Maxx button up, thrifted skirt, Sock Dreams tights, ModCloth wedges)

Not a whole lot to report. I'm just trying to rest up and get better. I did actually take some photos today, so as long as I continue to feel better, I should be back on track soon! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Favourite Finds: Plaid Skirt...

Hi there! This is a post dedicated to my favourite plaid skirt. There are times (like lately) I wear it at least once a week. Yep.

This is my absolute favourite outfit featuring the skirt (also featuring my double jointed arms. Yay!). I love the wee pockets! I wore this on Monday to be extremely lazy, do some laundry, and then go out to dinner.

(F21 lace blouse & tank top, vintage skirt from Sally Jane Vintage, ModCloth faux knee high tights, same old favourite shoes)

And this is how I wore it last week. I had underestimated the cold and at first went out to brunch in a tee and thin cardigan. I was freezing by the time I got home, so I threw on this super chunky, oversized sweater and was cozy the rest of the day.

(UO oversized sweater (I think??), same skirt, Sock Dreams tights, old ModCloth heels)

Hope you're having a lovely week!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Into the clearing...

Happy December, dears! Well, once again I've been pretty busy, but I have been taking plenty of photos. Mostly I've been doing Thanksgiving type things. Thursday was Thanksgiving with my family plus a little belated birthday celebration for my brother, my mum, and myself. After that wrapped up, we went down to my guy best friend's house to see him and his parents (it's tradition to hang out at their house after most any holiday dinner). Overall it was a nice, relaxing day. Friday we went up to the boyfriend's parents' house for second Thanksgiving. Yesterday was just kind of a catch up day as far as running errands and that sort of thing.

I was pretty excited to take photos in my old spot on Thursday! It proved a bit challenging because it's become so overgrown the past couple years. There's really only light available around noon, and it's difficult to find just the right spot! Some places were too sunny, some too shady, etc. So, I played around with it until my nose was red and I just couldn't stay out in the cold anymore. Here are a few of my favourite shots!

 (UO cardigan, vintage dress from Secret Lake, vintage skirt from Mod Elle Vintage, Sock Dreams socks, ModCloth heels)

(These photos make me think of Band of Brothers. "A dell? Like where fairies and gnomes live?")

  (Prime example of an overly sunny shot!)

The top I'm wearing is actually a dress. And a super tight one at that which meant I had to keep tugging it down all day. But I've had this outfit idea for a while now, so it was worth it!

Somehow I only have one day off left before it's back to work for me. Waaaaaaaaah, I don't want to go!