Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Waiting for the trees to fill themselves in...

Hi, doves! I don't know about you, but I'm relieved that tomorrow is May. April has been so raw and cold, and it just felt all wrong. I'm beyond ready for the renewal of spring. This relentless winter has extended its reach far enough! ... Ahem... I suppose I'm not waiting very patiently at this point. Ah well.
  (Vintage cardigan, ModCloth dress (old), Target tights, vintage belt, same shoes)
Thank you to everyone for all your support! I'm slowly catching up on my blog reading and getting back into the swing of things.


  1. Oh, how much I agree with you! I'm hoping that May brings us much, much warmer weather :) Your outfit is perfect for spring, too. I love the colour of your skirt and your floral top!

  2. You always do such a wonderful job of combining unexpected colors. The mint and cumin is perfect! Love the pleated skirt! <3

    - Anna

  3. Love whole this look! :)

  4. Hey!! I'm so behind on my blog reading to, lifes been a little busy the last few weeks.

    It's good to see your friendly face around the internet again!

    I hope you're well. Take care of yourself and enjoy some of the sunshine, you deserve it!

    Much love :)


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