Thursday, October 30, 2014

I put a spell on you...

(Vintage cardigan, two string jane tank top, H&M skirt, vintage boots)
Hi, doves! So, here's my final Halloween post before I post my actual costume (next week!). I was trying to decide how I would describe this look when I realized it was more of a casual witchy outfit... "Witching for the Weekend?" Ahaha. Ugh. I have no control over the cheesy things my brain comes up with. If I hadn't been able to come up with a Halloween costume, I would have tweaked this outfit a little bit (black jacket, heavier makeup, and maybe a crown of thorns?) and gone as a witch. But I loved this outfit! It was cozy, but I also felt a little out of my element which was a nice change for me.

Also, I almost did this post in black and white, but I felt the ethereal lighting got lost in the transition and decided against it.
This amazing journal is from Oberon Design. They make the most gorgeous handmade leather covers. The boy got me this giant one and a smaller one for my birthday last year. They're almost too pretty to use! But I think they'd be perfect for keeping track of your most beloved spells... I'm sorry; is my Ravenclaw showing?
Are you partaking in any Halloween festivities this year? My brother and his girlfriend are having a housewarming/Halloween shindig. I'm pretty excited! Have a happy Halloween if you celebrate and a great weekend either way!


  1. Gaaah. I want all of your cardigans! <3 Love the sheer paneling on the skirt!

    P.S. - I don't really celebrate Halloween, so I'm pretty useless this time of year. Hehe.

    - Anna

  2. Such a neat outfit, and heavens is your hair beautiful! Alex

  3. I love the top and cardi! Halloween isn't really celebrated here, and normally we would do too much. Hope you had a lovely time though!

  4. Beautiful! I love this outfit, and man, your cheekbones are amazing!

    xox Sammi


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