Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blue velvet.

Well, that was quite an extended absence! Life has been busy, the weather has been uncooperative, I got sick for a bit (hopefully got that out of the way for the winter), and I was feeling a bit uninspired/unmotivated. Meh, it happens! 

I took these on a frigid, windy day (as has been the norm around here) and had to add more layers later on, but I loved this outfit! I'd been knocking around ideas for these socks for a while and quite randomly came up with this. After much reluctance, I've finally accepted that outfit planning never quite works out for me and that my favourite outfits are almost always the last minute throw togethers. I guess dressing on a whim is the way to go!
(Threadsence top, ModCloth skirt and heels, Target socks
Hoping to get back to regular posting now! Have a lovely weekend, doves!


  1. LOVE the socks!!

    I try to plan outfits too, but I always feel the best about the ones that I just put together in the morning, where ever my mood takes me. I need to get better at listening to my mood when choosing outfits.

    Looking lovely as always and it's great to see you back :)

    1. Thank you, dear! I wish we could harness that random inspiration and apply it to outfit planning in a well thought out manner ;) I waste so much time trying to get something just right only to go in an entirely different (and better) direction in the end!

  2. This is so perfect <3 I can't get over those socks, though. Love!

    - Anna

  3. Super cute! Love your socks

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