Thursday, February 26, 2015

I'm an owl on the sill in the evening...

Hi, doves! I thought I should take a break from moping over the end of Parks and Rec (And I do mean moping. It wasn't a sob fest; it was something more. I have felt genuinely melancholy?... disheartened?... I guess I can't really find the word for it, but it hit hard... Ahem. Anyway!) to do something, you know, productive. And we had a warm, sunny day this past weekend. So, I actually willingly went out to take photos. Thank goodness there are only twenty-two days  until spring!

My brother gave me this hat for Christmas, and it goes perfectly with this dress! I'm slowly but surely trying to accessorize more. I've never been one for jewelry, but I do think accessories can make an outfit much more interesting. I'm working on it! It sounds silly, but this hat is a big step for me.
(Vintage cardigan, wool hat from brother, ModCloth dress & booties, Target tights)
This photo is basically just a reminder that my bangs could use a trim. 
I snagged this dress from ModCloth during one of their last sales. Bespectacled owls? Obviously I couldn't pass it up. 
I'm currently stuck home on a snow day, so I think it's time to have a cuppa tea and do a little yoga. Have a great weekend!

Post title from "This Tornado Loves You" by Neko Case.


  1. Perfect mix of colors here. <3 I really love your cardigan and the print on the dress is so cute!

    - Anna

  2. I've been working on accessorizing more this year too! And yay-spring has arrived!!!


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