Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oh, hi...

I'm back!

I started writing this re-introductory post at least five times in the past year and trashed them all. I could list all the reasons I took a two year hiatus from this blog. I could go on and on about why these photos aren't my favourite. But I won't because that's not the point. The point (!) is that I'm here, and I'm taking photos and blogging again. 

(ModCloth top, Topshop skirt, Blowfish shoes)

I've moved a couple times since last I was here, and I've only been in my current place for a few months now. So, I'm sure I'll be experimenting with photo locations for a bit. These were my first try on the back porch I love having a screened in porch! The cats do too.

Speaking of the cats, we now have three! Here are a couple photos of them (they're excellent photo bombers, so you'll be seeing more of them). I'll be featuring some more of my favourite photos from my time away from blogging as I go along. If you're curious, I've documented the last couple if years pretty well on Instagram!

Arwen and Cormac. We got Cormac last summer.

Duke! We've had him for just over a week.

So, I hope you guys are still here, and I hope you'll stick around through this transition! I just had the busiest summer of my life, so I'm finally ready to jump back into this thing. It's good to be back, and I'm excited to see where it goes! 

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