Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Purple plaid.

Happy autumn, doves! While it's been decidedly autumnal the past few days, we had a hot and humid weekend. I didn't want to give in to the heat completely, so I quietly rebelled with a bit of plaid. I'm so over it I couldn't even think of a decent post title! 

Are you sick of seeing these shorts yet?! I am! I'm ready for tights all the time! And layering! I get bored with my summer outfits fairly quickly as I find it more difficult to be creative. I don't deal with the heat very well and wind up in a bit of a slump, wearing the same things over and over because I know I'll be comfortable. But it wouldn't be Jersey without a bit of back and forth after the end of summer, now would it?
 (Target flannel, old F21 bodysuit, favourite Tulle shorts, vintage belt, trusty ol' shoes)


  1. your hair is so pretty :)

  2. Our heat has well and truly gone. I do love the plaid and the shorts!

    1. I'm happy for the cooler weather! Thanks, dear! <3

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