Thursday, March 10, 2016

We chose to keep our teenage tragedy...

Though I'm glad my teenage years are well behind me, I have no problem admitting that "sulky teenager" is still a part of my personality. Wallowing is absolutely one of my most beloved pastimes. I think I've just always been easily sucked into sadness. All of my favourite songs and books and movies? Sad, sad, sad (or scary. But fear is another weird preoccupation of mine). I'm always searching for the gutting kind of sad that knocks the wind out of you. This line from a Rilo Kiley song sums me up pretty well, "You say I choose sadness, that it never once has chosen me. Maybe you're right." 

That said, I have learned how to not take myself, or anything, really, too seriously. This sweatshirt (and every single piece I've bought from Stay Home Club... I want all of it, okay?) is another way of showing that the sullen (and kind of a jerk) kid inside me is still alive and well... while having a bit of a laugh at myself at the same time. 

Besides, if you can't make fun of yourself on the almighty Interwebz now and then, what's the point?
(BCBGeneration dress as skirt - Stay Home Club sweatshirt - Tulle collared shirt - Target Tights - ModCloth boots)

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  1. I know that feeling pretty well. After awhile, it starts to feel less like a burden and more like a comfort. Even now, I still find solace in it. This may not be a good thing exactly hehe, but it is what it is. ;) Really love that sweater! <3

    - Anna


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