Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I've never known how to describe my style. It's comfortable, but I do prefer skirts and tights or socks over pants. And while it is something I've developed over the years since high school, I've never aspired to be that super polished, put together girl. I don't do my hair (wash, air dry, and live with what I get is my daily routine), my makeup is minimal (I have no real skills here), and I buy my cardigans a size up to ensure maximum coziness.

So, as I was going through these photos, the (completely made up) phrase "indie-grunge" popped into my head and the light bulb went off. That's it! I think I'll forever be some combination of 90s meets early 2000s. It makes sense since that's when I was growing up and really coming into my own. Obviously I'm not dressing the same way I did in high school and college, but I do still have a few cherished pieces from those times. Like this Cursive tee! One of my beloved band tees I somehow managed to keep hold of all these years. And to be honest, it fits better now than it ever did back then. 

I think this whole outfit is the epitome of my personal style. Cozy cardigan? Check. Plaid? Check. Favourite band tee? Check! Also, this skirt is super soft and the way it falls reminds me of tying a flannel shirt around my waist a la the entire cast of My So-Called Life... which I've recently realized is one of the many shows I was probably way too young to be watching at the time... Ah, the 90s. 
(Vintage sweater - Ruche skirt - old Saddle Creek tee - Target tights - ModCloth shoes)

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