Monday, February 14, 2011

Down by the river

Down by the river, originally uploaded by thedictioncanary.

It was over sixty degrees today so naturally I decided to go for my first bike ride of the year. So liberating! I went down to the river, and this is how windy it was! Ridiculous. It was so warm that I laid out on the boards and closed my eyes. A woman with a cute little dog walked by and she probably thought I was a bit batty. Ah well.

This is a slightly strange section of the river/marsh area where they tore out some of the reeds and trees. I believe the initial intention was to create a mini harbor of sorts. That never came to fruition so they've turned it into a little "nature walk" which makes no sense to me. It was obviously much more of an actual walk through nature before they ripped it up. It's still a relaxing little spot, though.

The wind, the wind is blowing
(Target cardigan, TJ MAXX top, Ruche shorts, Kohl's stockings, UO flats, Wonder Woman pin from the comic shop)

I rode my bike home to try to take a better photo. This was my errand-running (book store, Target, grocery story, CVS, liquor store), bike-riding outfit for the day. Mustard, burgundy, and grey make for a wonderful combination. As you can see, even in the protection of my beloved clearing I couldn't escape the wind. But this will do!

Now I'm relaxing with a beer (Sam Adams Irish Red. Yum!) and mentally preparing for the work day tomorrow (Uhm, this means I'm zoning out completely while watching rubbish on the television. My favourite rubbish? HGTV. Yup).

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