Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter dreams the same dream every time...

Almost looks like spring, originally uploaded by thedictioncanary.
(ModCloth dress, Tulle cardigan, Kohl's tights)

This photo is actually from our last real snow a few weeks ago. But I've been wearing this outfit constantly because it's so comfy and springy. I have always told myself that if I dress like the season I want then perhaps the weather will switch sooner? I'm perfectly aware that I'm crazy.

My favourite bits of this outfit aren't shown here. My shoes. They are lovely cognac-coloured oxford flats from UO. I bought them out of desperation that last time I was in Boston (I always forget to pack more than one pair of shoes) and I wear them with EVERYTHING. Shoe. Love.

Right now the wind is howling outside. The trees are creaking and wailing in protest. The weather is extremely spring-like even though it's still quite cold. If I can't have a winter filled to the brim with snow then I think spring should get here as quickly as it can.


Technically I have already failed part of my to-do list for February by not blogging every day. It's only the eighth. So I'm just going to take it to mean I have twenty more days to make up for slacking. Meh.

The title of this post is from "You Can Never Hold Back Spring" by Tom Waits

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