Friday, February 28, 2014

Raspberry rose...

Happy Friday, doves! I'm working through some old photos this week because I took the past couple weeks off to let my skin (and eyes) breathe. No makeup, not even a swipe of mascara. I wanted to let myself fully recover from all of the nonsense I've had going on since the end of December. But I'm ready to get back into it, so I'll have some new outfits starting next week!
 (Mystery cardigan, UO dress, mystery tights (Christmas present), ModCloth boots)
This is another one of my comfy, casual day outfits. I tend to throw it on for lazy Mondays or running around on the weekends. I'm a bit attached to these boots! But honestly, I'll be happy to pack them away when the warm weather is back for good. I'm ready to be outside more! I need me some vitamin D! And greenery! There are nine days until Daylight Saving Time and twenty days until Spring... Let the countdown begin!

Have a wonderful weekend, doves!


  1. This is a gorgeous dress! You look like a fairy in it!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. I like the dip dye effect of this dress, I've not seen it done like that before. Green is a really beautiful colour on you!

    ~ K

    1. The tie-dye effect is definitely what drew me to the dress! Thank you, Kerri! <3

  3. That dress is everything <3 So perfect! Love the colors!

    - Anna

  4. your comfy outfits are SO pretty- i especially love your boots. i think they made the whole outfit. and i definitely have stretches of time where i can't handle makeup- it's nice to be natural once in a while :)

    xo marlen
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  5. Thank you, Marlen! And I totally agree! I don't wear much, but I still think it's a nice little detox. In the summer I find it easier because I'm not quite so pale and my freckles come out. But in the winter I do feel like I look a bit undead ;)


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