Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Plaid & leather...

... Faux leather, anyway.

Well, the lionness of March destroyed my intentions of starting three posts per week on Monday. We got seven inches of snow! Ok, so, I know I wanted a real winter, and I got one. Now I'm ready to move on. So, barring any additional unexpected snowstorms my new posting schedule will begin next week. 

So, here's an outfit from this past weekend before the snow hit. 
(ModCloth jacket, TJ Maxx top, thrifted skirt, Target tights, Ruche boots)
And tomorrow is spring! Hurrah! Happy (slightly early) spring, doves!


  1. haha, I always make big plans to schedule my blog posts... Those plans are always ruined with work, weather, sheer laziness, sleeping and a tonne of washing up to do haha

    Love the patterned skirt with the green shirt!

  2. Rad jacket, killer shoes! <3 Great job with this!

    - Anna


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