Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Hi, doves! I've got another older set of photos today. These are from a stormy day in May, I think? Yikes. I haven't even gotten to take any photos since June! Which is really rather ridiculous.

This is just an easy outfit I throw on quite often. The dress is a little slouchy but well made, and it works well with layers in the fall or just wedges in the summer.

Thanks so much for sticking with me, you guys! My eye has healed (hurrah!), so I'll be back with more current photos next week!
(Old ModCloth dress, old cardigan (Target?), vintage belt, Aerosoles wedges)

Oh, PS! I completely forgot. My beloved camera finally died a couple weeks ago. It was old, but I loved that thing. However, I'm excited to play around with a fancy, new camera for the first time in years!


  1. It's a really lovely colour of dress. I'm glad your eyes are finally healing, looking forward to seeing your pretty face around here more often :)

  2. The neutral cardigan pairs beautifully with the patterned dress <3 Great colors and textures here!

    - Anna

  3. Super cute look! Alex


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