Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Always it's spring...

Happy spring! Two days late but no matter!

(ModCloth shirt, stockings, and shoes, Tulle cardigan and skirt)

This is the outfit I should have worn today. I opted for comfort and minimal fussing, though. Since this skirt has a tendency to wrinkle no matter what I do and I can't stand having to pull and tug and smooth all day, I threw on a grey pleated skirt and grey stockings instead. But I do like this version much better. Very springy!

I'm trying not to laugh in the first photo up there and this is the reason:

This is our dog dinosaur, Argus! He's a 150+ pound English Mastiff. He's got forty pounds easy on me and, if he stood up on his back legs, he'd be almost a foot taller! He's ginormous to say the least. And a complete goofball.

He decided that he wanted my attention just as the timer was going off. Of course!


  1. I never saw a dog like that in my whole life!!lol
    ps: he didn't managed to steal your thunder though!;)

  2. Heheh Thanks, guys! :) He's a beast but very gentle and loving.


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