Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh, let the grasses grow and the waters flow in a free and easy way...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Anyone have anything fun planned? Last year I was sick (terrible trend!) so this year I'm definitely going out for a few drinks.

(ModCloth top, Target cardigan, thrifted skirt, vintage boots, Kohl's stockings)

After a cold, blah Tuesday spent curled up on the couch (thank goodness for This American Life, Justified, Clint Eastwood movies, and a slightly unhealthy dose of HGTV) I finally feel human again! Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and today's looking lovely as well.

I keep getting spooked by the neighbors and their dogs when I walk back into the woods. So ultimately I hastily take a few shots and wind up back at the fence by the house. When the weather becomes more consistently warm I'll start scoping out some new locations. I can't wait to sit in a big, green tree!

These photos seem almost summery to me. Who's ready for the beach??? Okay, so maybe we're not quite there yet but soon!
Have a lovely day (drunk or otherwise)!


  1. Um, I'm ready for the beach!!!!!!!!! These pictures are quite summery and boy I CAN'T wait for the heat! Love the last pic...just really ethereal!

  2. oh, don't have anything planned but it's fun to watch all the green dressed people in NY walk to the parade!

  3. I love this look, and the lighting is really lovely as well. I definitely got my Irish on on St Patricks Day, and I hope you did the same. Cheers.

  4. Thanks very much, every one!

    Amy, I'm not a big fan of the heat but I do love the beach! I can't wait either.

    Tereza, hope you had fun!

    Robyn, I absolutely did. I hope you had a grand ol' time :)


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