Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gold & green.

(ModCloth skirt & top (old) and socks, UO cardigan, Ruche boots (present from the boyfriend))

I had been planning on wearing heels, but I put these on the second I opened the box. Super comfy and warm. Much more practical, I'd say!

(I keep getting outtakes like this where I'm fixing my hair, and I don't hate them.)

 (The daisies are actually made of sequins... Probably the only sequined piece of clothing I own!)

Just a quick post today (I'll be running off to the allergist's shortly for my shots followed by a quiet night of catching up on blog reading). I ran out and took these yesterday before spending a very mellow Christmas at my parents' house with family and friends. Hope everyone is having a lovely week!


  1. That skirt is the perfect shade, it's so vibrant! And forget the heels, those boots are just as lovely! Happy holiday, dear :)

  2. The colours in this outfit are lovely; especially the skirt!
    Good luck at the allergist, I hope it all goes well.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  3. I love this outfit. The top is adorable and your skirt is divine!

  4. that shirt is so pretty! also I love the bright green. I hope the visit to the doctor isn't too yucky =/

  5. oh this outfit is really gorgeous. never would have known the daisies are made from sequins! I love the color combinations.

  6. Every time I see that cardigan, I want it haha >_< Love the pleated skirt and boots! Beautiful ensemble!

    - Anna


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