Friday, December 20, 2013

Hoo, boy!

My owl collection began taking over my home many years ago, but now it seems to be taking over my closet a bit as well! I really can't complain that they've become such a big trend. There used to be a thrill in the hunt to find a cute little owl (or fox) nicknack, but now there are so many adorable owls everywhere... And I kind of want them all! But no, really, I'm not even sure how the obsession began. I think it just started with collecting little vintage nicknacks, and eventually I narrowed it down to mostly owls (with a few foxes here and there). And scarves. Damn. Ok, I guess I have just a few collections.

(Tulle dress (from HauteLook) and cardigan (old), Sock Dreams tights, ModCloth heels)

Did everyone have a good week?? I've increased my tea intake to massive amounts in an effort to help my sinuses out. I love tea, and part of me thinks it can aid nearly any ailment (just as The Kinks song goes). It does seem to be helping! I've felt better in the past few days than I have in a while. 

I'm going to spend my weekend getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Have a good weekend, doves!

PS I always said if I ever had an owl, his name would be Hoo, boy! I'm terrible. This I know.


  1. I love this print! I used to have a thing for owls, which morphed into a love for cat prints. Now I've found I've begun to love rabbits, also. Good luck with your sinuses! I already did all my Christmas preparation; I work all weekend and wouldn't have gotten it done otherwise. Enjoy your weekend!


    Kalie H.

  2. Bahaha, I love that as an owl name! I also love your pumpkin-y tights. I buy owl things for my mom. It just somehow became her thing. . . Funny how you can never remember how something like that started.

  3. The print on the skirt is adorable <3 I love the colors and those tights pair beautifully with it! Love that pumpkin hue!

    - Anna

  4. Cute skirt...


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