Sunday, December 22, 2013

Eternal (Springtime) of the Spotless Mind...

The winters of the past few years have felt like a never ending spring... Don't get me wrong. I love spring! I love all the seasons. But I prefer each in its own time. This weekend it was seventy degrees. Saturday (the day I took these photos) was sunny and breezy, and Sunday was rainy and still. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. My entire childhood, teenagerdom, and college years (read: most of my life) were composed of wonderfully cold, snowy winters. Days were spent lounging in drifts deeper than I was tall, building snow forts and Calvin & Hobbes inspired snowmen, having snowball fights, and generally exploring in the quiet, untouched snow of the surrounding woods. Sure, we'd have a warm one here and there... But the past three years or so, it's just been this strange back and forth between March and April... for five months straight. 

And so on Saturday, faced with the dilemma of wanting to dress for the holidays without sweating to death, I stood in front of my closet at a complete loss. Ultimately, though, I did just that. But let me tell you, it took some time to wrap my brain around this concept. I'm pretty happy with these photos. They came out sun-spotted and a bit dreamy... You know, a bit like spring.

(F21 top (old), ModCloth skirt & socks, Chelsea Crew shoes)

Regarding my title, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favourite movies. I've only watched it once, and it took ages for me to get past it. It's quite likely I'll never watch it again. I found it to be completely devastating in a very quiet, unsettling way. Kind of like hoping for a beautifully harsh winter year after year only to inevitably be confronted with a seemingly endless and nearly colourless simulation of spring instead.

But it has only just started, so I'll keep hoping for a real winter as I do every year. 


  1. You look absolutely lovely! (And ready for spring, of course haha) I just love the print on this skirt!

    And Eternal Sunshine is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time. Though, I've probably seen it about a million times. You should watch it again ;)

  2. This is definitely one of my favorites so far. The lace and the pattern of your skirt seem to go together like they were destined for one another. And you managed to look festive and not dress too warm, kudos! I hope you get some snow, Jenny! It's been pretty warm here, too--nearly in the forties. But it's starting to cool down now.

    Kalie H.

  3. Beautiful textures and patterns with the blouse and skirt! Great title, too, by the way! :D <3

    - Anna

  4. Awesome!!

    Skirts are one of my favourite type clothing...

    I love it....


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