Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spring ahead or fall behind...

... Winter dreams the same dream everytime.

Well, Sunday was an awesome snow day! When I first went outside, it looked like this and quickly got much heavier...

(Nick & Mo coat from ModCloth (last year), asos sweater, old ModCloth dress, ModCloth tights and socks, Very Volatile boots from Amazon)

It was frigid! So I was in and out a few times throughout the day. When I took the following photos, it was actually sleeting... which was much easier to shoot in!

Of course, it rained Monday. This is Jersey, after all. Then we had another storm on Tuesday, but it was much weaker. Lame! Now things are mostly just slushy and icy. I'm hoping this is a sign we're going to have a real winter, though!

Title from "You Can Never Hold Back Spring" by Tom Waits.


  1. Look at all that snow! I'm so happy to finally have a chance to catch up on your blog, and you're looking lovely as usual. This pleated skirt is gorgeous! Plus, I'm loving the color of this coat too. :)

  2. Gorgeous coat <3 Perfect color! I love that your sweater has elbow patches! ^_^

    - Anna

  3. Lovable skirt...



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