Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet me tonight in Atlantic City...

What a busy weekend! The A.C. Beer Fest on Friday night was a blast. It turned out to be the perfect time to go. Not too crowded and the lines were fairly short. Sunday we went to see Justin Townes Earle (!!!) in a little public library in northern Jersey. Bit of a strange venue but the man puts on a great show! I geeked out pretty badly but, really, can you blame me??

(ModCloth cardigan, Forever21 shorts and t-shirt, Target tights, Ruche heels)

Lately I have been in the kind of mood where I try on everything I can think of, get furious, and eventually just throw on a dress and huff out of the house. For this outfit I had the added challenge of seventy degree weather and legs that haven't seen the light of day in six months. These stockings were a great solution. I kept cool and didn't have to subject anyone to my blindingly pale legs.

I'm not sure if you can tell from this photo but I have a patch of freckles in the shape of a paw print on the back of my neck. They're my absolute favourite freckles!

Last week I went to the beach for the first time this year! It was beautiful.

You can see Atlantic City peeking into the shot above. It's such a strange city and it never looks real to me. It always looks like a movie set.

I wish the water was this calm in the summer!... Shhh! My dad is a surfer and would consider that statement blatantly blasphemous. Heheh But it's true! By the time it's warm enough to swim the waves are big and rough and the current is terribly strong.

I hope every one is having a great week so far!

Title from "Atlantic City" by Bruce Springsteen.


  1. Have never been to AC. Must get there this summer! Love the outfit especially the tights and the shoes!


  2. This look is so sweet.
    Amazing photographies.

  3. Aww, this cardigan is so precious and so spring! I love the green color!

  4. Amy, having lived so close to A.C. all my life I have to say that I'm not its biggest fan. But! I do love the beach so I go to the island of Brigantine which is right outside the city. And thank you!

    Tereza, thank you! I'm not much of a photographer at all so I'm really glad you like my photos!

    Tieka, thank you! This shade of green is probably my absolute favourite for spring. I went on a massive hunt for the perfect mint cardigan last year and this was definitely it!

  5. that cardigan, those shoes, the patterned tights... everything about this outfit is wonderful! I am also super jealous of your background, your pictures are always so lovely :)

  6. Alex, thank you, dear! I'm a bit terrified of taking photos in public so I tend to retreat to my yard :)


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