Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sugar, even odd smiles are in this season...

All right, Tuesday shmuesday. Let's talk about the weekend, shall we? Who needs this weekday rubbish, anyway?

Friday night we went out to dinner with a bunch of friends. Saturday was a wickedly stormy day. Hail, rain, wind, downed trees, firetrucks screaming down the street, sirens wailing. Despite the weather I went to lunch and then watched Bridges of Madison County (bawled) with a friend. Okay, look, I tried to keep it together, I did. I made it to the very last scene and just lost it. I cry at movies and, well, it's Bridges of Madison County! Beautiful movie. Saturday night was beer, friends, and This is Spinal Tap for the millionth time (never gets old!). It turned out to be a lovely day even if the weather did give it a bit of an ominous undertone.

Sunday I brought coffee to the boyfriend at work and had lunch with him. When he got home we went out to dinner again for a friend's birthday.

(Forever21 cardigan, ModCloth t-shirt, Ruche shorts & heels, Target tights)

This is a perfectly comfortable and fuss-free weekend outfit. I layered a couple pairs of stockings because it's still a wee bit chilly out there.

I seem to be developing a habit of pairing this cardigan with pink. And I like it! I've had this sweet t-shirt from ModCloth for some time now and have styled it various ways but this is my favourite thus far. It makes for a perfect summer tee as it's quite light and cool.

Okay, so these shoes are not very practical for weekend errands and outings but they sure are cute! I traded them in for flats when going, well, pretty much anywhere. (Yep, I'm guilty of purchasing these shoes in black, too.)

The hyacinths and daffodils are in bloom right now. I even saw a tulip about to bloom! Thank goodness for spring!

Title from "Que Suerte!" by Cap'n Jazz.


  1. Super cute tee as I absolutely love the look of hot air balloons against a blue summer sky :)


  2. I absolutely agree! It's a lovely image. I can't wait for summer!

  3. I saw your outfit on Modcloth so I had to check out you blog. I am sooo jealous of your wardrobe! This outfit is perfectly uplifting. Love.


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