Thursday, April 21, 2011

We can ramble hand in hand across the grasses of our land...

It was eighty-five degrees yesterday! Unfortunately I spent half of it at work followed by a good two hours at the allergist. But I did get to go for a nice walk down to the lake and spend a little bit of time outdoors.

(TJ Maxx top, Ruche dress as a skirt, belt, and heels)

I needed to change into something light and airy when I got home and this is what I came up with. Super comfy and cool. Also, the debut of my pale legs (apologies)! It was just entirely too hot for any kind of legwear.

This is the belt that came with the dress. It's huge! But it works very well for disguising dresses worn as skirts.

I hardly ever (evereverever) wear my hair in a ponytail but there was really no choice today. Perhaps I'll attempt to put my hair up more. I never have any patience and wind up taking it down after five seconds... But I'll try.

These are the same heels from my last post. Yes, I love them but to be completely honest I'm drooling over all the adorable wedges I'm seeing everywhere right now. I'm just itching for the weather to warm up for good!

This evening we're going to see Jason Isbell play in Philly! It should be a great show. And even though I do have to work tomorrow it'll be a nice way to start the weekend early.

Title is from "Hesitating Beauty" by Woody Guthrie (Wilco wrote the music and recorded it for the Mermaid Avenue album with Billy Bragg).


  1. Such a pretty skirt!!! Love the color and I'm absolutely head over heels for that belt! I love a wide belt!! It can work wonders for dresses, coats, jackets!

  2. this is such a sweet outfit! I love the belt and the embroidery on the skirt/dress! The shoes are also super feminine and charming... so cute!

  3. Oooh this is so lovely...the skirt is so pretty and the belt is just stunning. I hope you get to spend more time in the sun today!!

    Feel free to check out my is always changing so check it out to see all the new posts. Next week we are going all beach themed so don't miss out on that. Hope you will drop by sometime.

  4. Thanks very much all!

    Amy, I'm getting more comfortable with belts in general. I'm not quite sure why I've avoided them for so long as they can really make a look!

    One Girl, I'll definitely stop by. Beach theme sounds right up my alley :)

  5. Really beautiful outfit...the belt really adds a lot of character (is that the word I'm looking for?) to it.


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