Monday, November 18, 2013

Primarily primary...

After staring at my closet for twenty minutes or so yesterday, I realized that all of my staples were in the hamper and I desperately needed to do some laundry. Whoops. My brain was hooked on neutrals, and I kept coming back to this navy skirt. But I had only brights left to pair it with! So, I put this outfit together to grab brunch and run errands... And then finally do laundry. It was sixty-five degrees! No coat required.

(Target cardigan and tights, TJ Maxx top, ModCloth skirt, Adrienne Vittadini shoes)

Yesterday was mostly a relaxing day of recovery, and today I'm back at work. I'm looking forward to the holidays and having some time off. Just one more week to go!


  1. I love all of the colors represented here and the blouse breaks up the color blocking beautifully!

    - Anna

  2. Ahh, I hate laundry. My boyfriend always jokes that I buy so many new clothes so that I never have to wash any. It's very nearly true. It is the absolute most tiresome chore. bleh. I really love that caridgan, and whatever it is you did to your hair, it looks amazing lately!



  3. You look fantastic, even on laundry day. I also hate doing laundry, and I actually have a pile waiting for me now...however, I like how the reduction in available clothing forces me to be more creative with my outfit choices.



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