Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Grey & Moss.

I was fully prepared to complain about not having any time to take photos in the daylight (as I've been doing daily for the past week), but then I read this timely, honest (and lovely) post by Kathryn of Kitsune-Kun and caught my tongue. I read it at just the exact moment I needed a bit of perspective, and it made me realize that it's absolutely okay to not photograph every outfit. As much as I would love to devote more time to this, I can only devote the time I have. And that's all right!

(UO cardigan, ModCloth tee, skirt, and heels (all old), Sock Dreams socks)

The potluck Saturday was a lot of fun, but it turned into a pretty late night! So, this is what I wore for a lazy, windy Sunday. This cardigan is bulky and comfy and probably borders on grandma status, but I think the cutout on the back makes it a bit more interesting. Also, this skirt has this awful, ginormous elastic waist that drives me batty. Fortunately, it easily tucks under. I added the black belt to hold it up for a higher waistline... Maybe not the best move on such a windy day! Ah well.

It snowed here today for the first time this season! I missed it, but it's still exciting...The lack of daylight might be frustrating, but I'm excited for the cold. Now I'm off to have a glass of wine and warm up!


  1. love the sweater!

    come check out my latest post,

  2. Dressing like a grandma is one of my goals =P I read that post of Kathryn's too, and it's pretty comforting, no?

  3. I love your outfits! I've seen most of your looks on ModCloth Style Gallery.

    Where The Water Meets The Sky

  4. I should really read that post because I keep complaining about Daylight Savings too! I'm glad you were able to capture this outfit though because it's adorable. I'm loving this chunky cardigan and plaid scarf! Such a perfect combination.


  5. Aww, just beautiful. This outfit looks so stylish and comfy, love your plaid skirt! Okay, now I must go and read that post about daylight, 'cause boy, do I feel ya!

  6. Looove that skirt, and those tights. And that sweater is definitely not grandma-esque on you! I'm glad you posted the link to Kathryn's blog - I so enjoyed reading her post, and it really resonated with me, too. It's important to not put so much pressure on yourself and be stuck in "blogland" all the time.

    xox Sammi

  7. Fantastic skirt <3 The tights pair beautifully with it. Perfect cardigan, also! I recently scored a vintage cream cardi (from the men's section but whatevs hehe) and I've been at a loss for how to style it. I think I look ridiculous in white. I don't know why. Anyway, I'm going to give it a try and post something in the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck! Hehe

    - Anna


    1. Thank you, dove! I feel that way when I wear bright red and orange. I feel like I look like a clown. But at the same time, that seems so silly to me. You look lovely in white (and every single colour from what I've seen!), and I know you'll put together a killer outfit :)

  8. Oh that skirt. Love it.



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