Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I know I'm a day late with the Mother's Day post but I had to be sneaky about finding and scanning these photos.

This is my awesome mumma. I think these might be from my parents' honeymoon but I forgot to ask my dad earlier. She has no idea how pretty she is! I know she'd be none too happy with me if she knew I scanned and posted these. But what are daughters for?

You can tell that I get my reluctance to smile in photos from her. I've also got her attitude. We can be quiet but we don't let anyone walk over us.

I've always admired her for doing exactly what she wants to do when she wants to do it. When she decides to do something she just goes out and makes it happen. I'm trying to learn from that as I get older. I've always been a bit of a worrier and, admittedly, it has held me back at times. I'm trying to make opportunities for myself the way she always has.

Favourite photo of mum

This is my absolute favourite photo of my mum for a couple reasons. First of all, she's gorgeous! Second of all, our old dog Chelsea looks ridiculous sticking her tongue out like that. It makes me laugh every time.


And this is my mum's ma, and she's pretty awesome, too. This photo must be pretty old because she quit smoking when I was a wee one. We have her wedding album around somewhere, I think. I should dig try to find it. Grandma was a stunner!

Grandma and Danny

This is my grandma with my twin brother Danny. I think we were about two years old? I kind of love how much seventies style carried on well into the eighties.

I really had a lot of amazing photos I could have posted. It was so hard to choose! Ultimately I ruled out any high school photos of my mum (because I think she really might have killed me then) and just went with a few of my favourites.

So every Mother's Day we go out and let my mum go nuts at the local garden center. Saturday my mum and I went out and bought a ton of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Yesterday we planted it all! It was a really lovely day. My parents went up to my grandma's today to take her out to dinner and giver her the mum's day gift we picked out.

Even though we do the same thing every year I think this was one of the nicest Mother's Days to date.

I'll be back later with an outfit post!

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