Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weeds spark through dark green enough to be blue...

It's getting rather overgrown back in my favourite spot. We'll mow the path soon but for now it's a bit of a jungle.

(Express (I think) Cardigan, Ruche Top, Forever21 Shorts, UO Flats)

I love wearing this outfit. I have a different version of it for every kind of weather. I wore the cool-weather version (black shorts, black tights, and black heels) for both my birthday last year and for beer fest this year.

This time I wore it to my aunt's house for beers, snacks, and playing with the pups in the backyard.

My hair decided to be stick straight yesterday. At the moment it's so wavy it's bordering on curly in places. Sometimes one half of my head will be wavy and the other straight. It does what it wants.

(Why do I keep locking my knees like that?? Yuck. My knees and elbows are double jointed; they do some pretty unattractive things at times.)

So who's ready for bare feet in the grass and swimming??? I know I am.

Title from "Side with the Seeds" by Wilco.


  1. Very sweet outfit! I love the details of the shirt & shorts.
    Swimming would be fantastic!

  2. So do I, Tereza!

    Thank you, Mo! I can't wait for the water to warm up!


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