Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stormy, luminous spring evening...

I watched the storm brewing as I drove into work this morning. By the time I walked in it had started spitting and just two minutes later it was pouring. Since I don't have windows at work I like to play music that (I feel) fits stormy days and imagine I'm out playing in the rain or still laying in bed instead of sitting in an underground office. Amanda Shires' new album "Carrying Lightning" was absolutely perfect today. (If you happen to have a thing for fiddle playing girls with beautifully unique voices and a way with words and somehow you haven't heard her yet, get on it!)

(ModCloth Top, Tulle Skirt, TJ Maxx Heels)

I'd wanted this high waisted lace skirt for ages but made myself wait for it to go on sale. It's lovely! The top gets extremely wrinkled in a matter of seconds. No matter what. That's all right, though. I love the colour and the details.

I might look a bit angry but I'm not! I've got a wicked case of bitchface a lot of the time but I'm trying to work on that. When I took these I'd just gotten home from having four (FOUR!) allergy shots and felt like a total space case (... which is quite evident in the first photo. I wish I knew what I was doing there).

I've had a long day and there just wasn't enough coffee in the world could wake me up. I could go for a wee bit o' whiskey before bed. I hope you're all having a good week!


  1. *I love your taste in music*

    Ahh..the age old debate of the bitch face. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me why am I so sad, or said smile life isn't so bad, I could buy my own island. It's like, I'm happy, my face is just genetically set to scowl (reason number 10003 why picture taking is painful as all heck, no matter how much I like dressing up - any smiles I have in photo's require a lot of effort).
    I always refer to this to have a good laugh about it.

    BTW..FOUR SHOTS...I would have drowned a whole bottle of whiskey before and after shots. Man, I hope they gave you much needed relief... I'm so sorry to hear that...brutal!
    You look beautiful as always and that last shot with your red hair is really stunning! The top is my favourite piece.

  2. I love the lace on your top, so beautiful.

  3. I love your blog and your style! :)

  4. Mo, thank you, darlin'! Music is such a personal thing but it's so important to me that I have to incorporate it here... I LOVE that little comic (I guess one might call it that?) about bitch face. That is exactly it... And, I know! FOUR SHOTS. My arms ached. Hopefully they help sooner than later... Auh, thank you again! You're the sweetest!

    Tereza, thank you, dear! The lace is my favourite bit as well.

    Kim, thanks so much!


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