Monday, May 23, 2011

The thrushes' bleating battle with the wrens disrupts my reverie again...

Well, another weekend has gone by, and I've had a busy few days!

Thursday evening we went to see Elvis Costello at the Tower Theatre! The traffic was rather hideous and stressful but the show was so much fun! He's absolutely incredible.

Friday we went to brunch and took a drive around the wildlife refuge. We had sun showers all day here so it was quite lovely. And so many baby birds!... Why, yes, this post does have a bit of a theme...

Saturday I dug up three wheel barrows full of day lilies that no longer bloom. How's that for fun? Then went to a barbecue at a friend's house where I learned how to play croquet. I wasn't too bad once I got the swing of it (womp womp)! We also played bean bag toss at which I don't think I'll ever be any good. It was a perfect day for an outdoor shindig.

Yesterday I just sort of bummed around and looked into schools. I've slooowly been talking myself into going back for graphic design. It's so intimidating! I've requested information from two school so far. We'll see!

We had a huge thunderstorm this morning but I managed to grab some photos once it cleared.

(Target cardigan and tights, Ruche dress and heels)

I'm none too happy that I've had to wear tights the past couple days. How easy it is to forget that the warm weather is just getting started!

I must say it's quite fitting that I'm putting together this post right now. The rain must have brought out all sorts of bugs and such because the mama and papa wrens that nest in the porch rafters keep flitting in and out (and occasionally pausing to perch above my head and yell at me) to feed their babies. And just a bit ago a blue jay took a bath in one of the gutters.

Well, this has been your bird appreciation blog for the day (I am the dictioncanary, after all); hope you enjoyed it!

PS I'm probably going to start redesigning the blog soon. This means I'm going to be playing with it a lot so please bear with me! I promise I'll try not to be too annoying about it.

Title from "June Hymn" by the Decemberists.


  1. that's a wonderful dress! the bird print is so freaking cute :) also, I couldn't be more jealous of your green and stormy and wildlife filled everyday life! everything is so dead and dusty in Arizona!

  2. Alex, thanks! I've been to Arizona once, and the thing I'll say about it is my allergies/asthma were nonexistent there. That was exciting for me! Heheh The humidity here really kills me but I do love the green.

    Tereza, thank you, doll!


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