Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birds on a wire...

Well, I head back to work tomorrow... Woo? I'm relieved (You know, the whole country not going into default/chaos thing is good... And a paycheck would be cool)... But man, I've had a nice, relaxing three weeks! Ah well.

I didn't go out to shoot these until around 4:30 this evening... When I started, the light was perfect for the first time since I started taking photos here!

(Target top, Forever 21 skirt, belt from a ModCloth dress, Modcloth socks and shoes)


And then probably ten to fifteen minutes later? It was gone. Getting dark so early is the one thing I dislike about this season!

 Every time I've worn this skirt, I wind up going in a bit of a kitschy direction. Usually I add a red scarf, but I totally forgot. I also forgot to get a good close up of the skirt print. Geesh. I guess I'm a little preoccupied! And yep, I got all dressed up to do absolutely nothing on my last day of freedom. And it was pretty great.

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  1. You are so beautiful ^_^ Somehow you always manage to create such beautiful pairings. I love this! <3

    P.S. - I hate that it's getting darker earlier, also. Earlier, I thought it was eight in the evening when it was only after five. It's a bit depressing, but at least I got to see some sun. Soon, it will be gone, too. Omg, listen to me! Haha. Sorry! >_< I'm not a fan of winter.

    - Anna


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