Sunday, October 27, 2013

Who loves the sun...

 (UO Cardigan, ModCloth t-shirt, vintage skirt, Target tights, same shoes)

This is a very simple, lazy day sort of outfit. I initially had on a much thinner, light green cardigan. It might have been a nice sunny day, but, man, it's cold out! So, I switched to this ridiculously cozy oversized sweater instead. Also, right after these photos I chopped about three inches off my hair (on top of another three I chopped off yesterday). It needed it! And it's still ridiculously long. It seems like the second I trim it, it instantly grows back.
I chose this title mostly because today we lost the legendary Lou Reed. I grew up listening to The Velvet Underground, and Loaded is hands down one of my favourite albums of all time (Has anyone heard Cat Power's cover of "I Found a Reason?" Ugh. Such an unexpected but great cover. Just one example of their widespread influence). "Rock and Roll" has been a personal anthem for me for a long time. Without rock and roll, without Lou Reed, I wouldn't be, well, me. Rest in peace, Mr. Reed.

Took a little break for a couple days, so I'll be catching up on my reading and comments! I've been taking photos almost every day, so since I've got a little bit of a backlog, I'll be posting those intermittently with new outfits.

Title from song of same name by The Velvet Undeground.


  1. Beautiful textures in the cardigan! Love the braiding. I want it! >_< <3 Nice subtle mix of patterns with the shirt and skirt. Great mix of colors in this outfit!

    - Anna

  2. I like that slouchy cardigan a lot :) And RIP Lou Reed.


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