Thursday, October 24, 2013

The quiet things that no one ever knows...

I graduated years (and years) ago, but there are still, and I suspect always will be, certain things I miss about college. Tonight I was reminded of those things. When I left work, it was cold, breezy, and a little bit overcast. It made me miss being able to walk everywhere. Did I complain about having to walk across campus on crazy windy days complete with freezing rain? Absolutely. But I loved it. And I loved it most on evenings like tonight. Bundling up, walking to class or the student center or work, headphones on (many times listening the song after which I titled this post), feeling very much alive.
I talk a lot about the weather here, but there is a reason for it. I love being outside. My surroundings affect me just as much as the people in my life do. I think, honestly, they might affect my mood even more than people do. The three weeks I had off were kind of glorious because I was outside all day, almost every day. Now that I'm back in an underground office with no windows and horrible ventilation, I miss the fresh air and the quiet, still afternoons. (I also spent even more time alone than I usually do, and I didn't entirely mind it. I've always spent a lot of time alone. Not being in an office everyday was refreshing in that way as well.)

The funny thing is that I actually do enjoy driving! But I'd be so happy doing it a lot less. One day, I hope to find a pretty town where I can walk mostly everywhere I need to go. The thought of someday being able to walk to and from work again makes me giddy! I wouldn't even complain in the nasty weather! Not once. I promise.

(Tulle coat, TJ Maxx top, H&M skirt, Forever21 belt and tights, same shoes I always wear)

I felt sort of overwhelmed by all of that, and writing always helps. I have been in love with writing and language and words in general for a very long time (majored in it actually ... Yep, who does that?!). I'm admittedly more guarded here than I would be just writing for myself, but sometimes I need to really let things out. I'm an extremely internal person, so I have to get out of my head occasionally! Which means every now and then you'll get one of these rambling posts! Woo!

Anyway, this is what I wore today. A paisley skirt one of my best friends got for me a few years ago (also seen way back in this post). The paisleys are made up of tiny flowers. This top is what my aunt would call a "Jenny shirt." It's just the sort of thing I can spot in a random TJ Maxx rack from across the store.  I love the colour, and I've been struggling to find the right word for it... Paprika? Some kind of spice, anyway. Also, it's been in the fifties here the past couple of days (yeh!), so we're a little past the jacket temps but not quite at the point where a winter coat is necessary. This Tulle coat does quite nicely as it's thinner than a winter coat, and the length is nice for wind protection.

All right, that's enough out of me for now!

Title from song of same name by Brand New.


  1. That coat is to die for! This whole outfits + the reflections about nature makes me think of The Secret Garden.

  2. Autumn always makes me really nostalgic for my college days, too. Sigh. And holy heck, this coat is INCREDIBLE and looks amazing with your hair! These photos look lovely, too. Being back in a stuffy office would definitely be an adjustment for me, too.

    xox Sammi

  3. You are SO pretty! I'm so in love with all of these colors together; this is such a perfect fall look. That coat is to-die-for too!

  4. That coat is stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! I just keep staring at it. Haha. The colors and patterns really steal the show <3

    - Anna


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