Thursday, October 10, 2013

Little Red.

I ran out in sort of a lull in the rain to take these shots. By "sort of a lull," I mean it was only coming down slightly less heavily. And the wind was crazy! Please excuse the water spots and blurry foliage in these photos! I look like a drowned rat in the rest of the photos from today, so I'm just glad I got a few decent ones.

(ModCloth jacket, Threadless t-shirt, thrifted skirt, Target tights, vintage boots)

 I wore this to run errands today. These are my absolute favourite boots (birthday present from the boyfriend some time ago), and I need to have their soles fixed before I completely ruin them. I wish I could recall where I got this skirt! I think it's a nice nod to my punk days... which I just can't seem to shake, and I don't plan to! 

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  1. THOSE BOOTS. They are wonderful. I'm also loving the jacket and skirt! So lovely.

    xox Sammi


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