Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Plaidurday!

Well, last night I found out that today is Plaidurday! Quite fitting as I wore this yesterday.

Noticing a theme lately? I just can't help it while I'm stuck in this hot autumn. Comfortable jersey dresses and plaid help me feel a little better about it without sweating to death.

(Vintage top from Sally Jane Vintage, ModCloth dress, vintage boots from Vintage Cowboy Boots)

This dress is super simple and has a lot of layering potential... You know, just as soon as I can comfortably layer again!

I love everything about this top. The big, flared sleeves. The wee green buttons. It's probably my favourite etsy find to date!

Enjoy your Plaidurday!

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  1. cute outfit. :)

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