Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Balloons and stripes.

Guys, I think I have a t-shirt problem. This is getting sort of ridiculous! The only thing I can say for myself today is at least this is an old one? I wore it way back in 2011 in this post (and yes, it's still baby pink. I couldn't quite catch the colour in the light). For whatever reason, hot air balloons just scream stripes to me!

I guess I just want to be comfortable but still dress up/stay motivated (also known as trying not to turn into a total bum) while I'm out of work? Yeh, that sounds right. Ah yes, the Great T-Shirt Defense Act of 2013.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw on something simple this morning, and I kept thinking black and white. But I can never resist throwing in a little colour, so I added the pink tee (okay, plus the t-shirt I wanted to wear was in the wash).

(UO cardigan, ModCloth tee (old), socks, and heels (old), Target skirt)

I got lucky with my light this afternoon! It was a lovely day to have my coffee on the back porch. It's going to be a rude wake up call when I have to go back to work. Impending cabin fever aside, I really have been enjoying these quiet days to myself.

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  1. So cute! You're right -- you got great lighting in these photos!! And I love that adorable t-shirt. I have a thing for hot air balloons, for sure. I can't imagine what you must be feeling like, being out of work for this long (though it seems like you're enjoying it as much as possible, which is great)! And it's so funny to me that you're envious of my hair; I've ALWAYS wanted to have hair like yours!!! Red heads are so special, and I always wished I could be one (but with my complexion, it'd look ridiculous)!

    xox Sammi


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