Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm blinded by the neon. Don't try to change my tune...

I've been trying to wear some of my summer favourites (like this dress!) before the weather cools down. My colour preferences do tend to switch with the seasons, but it mostly just depends on my mood. So, who knows, maybe I'll break this out again in dreary February for a pick me up. Or around St. Patrick's Day perhaps?

   (ModCloth dress & cardigan, Blowfish wedges)

This dress kind of reminds me of a circus tent. I don't usually wear such bold pieces, and I was a wee bit wary about wearing it for a while, but I love it.

I especially love the tie at the neck.

I still don't have a functioning camera, but I'm hoping to be back in business by the weekend!

Title from "Drunk on the Moon" by Tom Waits.

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