Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Plum & Pattern.

Yesterday I got home from a day out with my aunt with just enough time to get a few photos in. The one thing I do dislike is the light fading earlier and earlier. Can't I just have fall temperatures + light out till 8 o'clock? No? Well, phooey.

(ModCloth tee and wedges, 
vintage skirt from Sally Jane Vintage, F21 belt)

I bought this skirt some time ago because sometimes my love for a good pattern gets hold and won't let go. The colours are perfect for fall and winter as well. However, we're having a heat wave (or, you know, just summer in New Jersey) this week! So no boots just yet.


Apparently, this is my "boyfriend is distracting me/I feel silly/boyfriend, what are you doing" face. Somehow it came out as a decent close up shot of the outfit.

             Better shot of the pattern.

Photos taken with an actual camera will be up tomorrow! Woohoo, no phone!

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