Monday, September 23, 2013

Where the woods and marshes meet...

I went for a long bike ride at Estell Manor Park today. It was sunny and perfectly chilly!

They have tons of bike trails, but they also have a beautiful wooden boardwalk that leads you through the woods and the marsh.

Boyfriend being a ham.

Of course, I took no outfit photos while we were there (it never occurs to me while I'm out!). So, I just ran out and quickly snapped this when we got home in the evening.

(F21 plaid shirt, Society 6 Tom Waits tee from my BFF, shorts could be Target?, Wanted oxfords)

Back to work tomorrow. Hmph! Can't I have a do-over for Friday and Saturday now that I'm feeling better? No? Ah well.

Before I forget! I'll probably be playing with the look of the blog soon. It's about that time. So, if things get a little wonky around here for a bit, I apologize in advance!  

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