Monday, September 16, 2013

You're standing on my neck...

I wasn't exactly a grunge kid (I loved Nirvana for all of ten minutes until my mum caught on and became obsessed with them), but My So-Called Life and Daria were two of my favourite shows growing up. These 90's shows made so much more sense to me than anything from the 80's.

I was too young to catch onto wrinkly jersey floral dresses paired with boots and flannels, but everything about the decade struck a chord with me. From the music (Pavement was my first indie band love) to the tv shows to the blasé attitudes, it all resonated with me. 

(UO dress, vintage belt, vintage boots from Ambient Attic, Ruche bag)

I really didn't care much about how I dressed then. I was beginning a rebellious period that began with chopping my long hair (it was down to my arse!) to about an inch long, two at most. I traded in my brightly coloured tie-dye t-shirts for a giant military green jacket, black t-shirt, jeans, and boots. Equipped with a mean (and sincere) Daria impression, I fell hard for 90's indie rock which led me to a life-long love affair with both indie and punk. 

(By the way, braided pigtails are the maximum effort I'm willing to put into my hair... Yep. )

The effects of the 90's have stayed with me. My favourite tv shows of all time are The X-Files and Northern Exposure. I still listen to my old punk and indie bands daily. This dress mixes several of my favourite things. The cutout front, the colors, the tie-dye (I really did live in it for years. I almost always avoid it now). But it also just feels like a nice nod to a fantastic decade that was filled with as much wonder and self-discovery as it was pre-teen angst and anguish.

Title from song of same name by Splendora (aka theme song from Daria).

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