Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I turn my camera on...

Sooo, a couple of days ago, my boyfriend says, "You know my dad's old camera is up on the bookshelf, right?"

Ahem... No, no, I did not realize that we still had it (I had borrowed it months ago to take a friend's engagement photos and thought we'd given it back).

Which means this whole time I've been struggling to take photos with my phone, this fancy shmancy Canon has been laughing at me from the bookshelf.

Yup. So, even though my camera is still out of commission, I'm back in business!

 (ModCloth head to toe. Dress & top are old.)

This skirt is actually the dress from this post! I tied the ribbon around the waist and tucked it under this blue sleeveless blouse (... 92 degrees today...). 

This is easily one of my favourite warm weather outfits that can easily transition to fall (if it ever cools down).

Bear with me while I try to get the hang of this camera. I've never been a Canon girl, so I've been a little reluctant/easily irritated with it. But when you've been using a phone, a camera is a camera!

Title from Spoon song of the same name.

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