Sunday, September 29, 2013

They smoothed her hair with cinnamon waves...

Knee highs and shorts are becoming a bit of a uniform for me this year.  They're both super comfortable and don't take too much thought (which means I don't have a giant mess to clean up after getting dressed... I really need to get better at planning out what to wear)!
 (Mystery cardigan, thrifted (long ago) top, Tulle shorts, ModCloth socks, Chelsea Crew heels)
I love when I have time to take photos on the weekend. Running out to take them in the last light of the evening during the week is always a challenge.  I appreciate some good ol' sunlight whenever I can get it!

These heels are corduroy! I'm a corduroy nut (I was definitely born in the wrong decade, I know), so obviously I couldn't turn down corduroy shoes. Any way I can wear it, I will!

Title from "Margaret Vs. Pauline" by Neko Case.

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